Sunbury On Thames


This driveway was created to replace a front garden that was overshadowed by a large hedge and that was dark and unappealing.

The client required a driveway of sorts, to park up to two cars, but didn't want paving.

We opted to use a large gauge crushed slate for the main drive area, with a smaller gauge slate to infill the surrounding planting bed. These two areas are separated by paving blocks set in a sweeping curve, to keep the driveway from looking too plain.

A new pathway was laid alongside the driveway, using a material approved by both parties, as it is a shared area. The original stones remained on our client's entrance, so the choice of paving needed to blend in with this scheme.

The outcome was a visually interesting, practical solution, with a colour-pallet that complements the respective houses and surroundings.

Crushed Slate Driveway | Sunbury
Crushed Slate Driveway | Sunbury