Burwood Park


Sangwyn was commissioned to install a number
of interior plants in a property that has been recently refurbished by Pask London, under the direction of interior designer Larissa Zolotareva of Interior L (www.interiorl.com).


The plants are double-potted and include a functional base of Hydroleca to protect the roots from becoming saturated, with a decorative dressing of Hydroleca to prevent excessive drying of the soil, and conceal the internal potting. A non-porous base is included to prevent any moisture transfer from the planter to the floor.


The plants chosen are Kentia Palms, which stand at around two metres in height. These plants are ideal as they grow successfully in an environment that lacks copious direct sunlight, and are tolerant of heat produced by modern heating systems, requiring relatively little maintenance.


The lush foliage introduces another dimension to the beautifully decorated property, effectively bringing the interior space to life.



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