Garden Gym


The brief in this instance was to create an exercise bar to be used by the whole family (including the children).


A simple solution was required, so as not to visually over-power the play structure that is already in place, and to complement the current landscape.


We sourced play-grade timber posts and stainless steel bars, suitable to support the weight of adults training on the structure. These posts were then fixed into the ground with concrete at a depth that would ensure they would not topple under lateral stress. 


The bars were simply inserted into drilled-out holes in the timbers, and were then locked into place on the instalment of the next timber, thus minimising the chance of any structural failure.


The exercise bar comprises tricep-dip bars, a chin-up bar, a ladder and an extended bar with adjustable gymnast hoops, creating a very simple structure that provides access to countless exercise routines.