The brief in this case was to create more floor space and provide a clean and clear surround to calm the garden, making it more appealing.


The garden was originally laid-out with a brick planter all the way around, and a much deeper one across the back fence.


We removed these planters and built a shallower planter across the end of the garden which was to be rendered and painted white. Pavers to match existing were laid in place of the removed planters
to extend the floor space by 100%.


A new closeboard fence was installed opposite the house, with lateral cedar trellis smoothing the tops
of the uneven side walls. This creates a serene, consistent aspect and visually stretches the small garden space.


Espaliered apple trees were placed in the new planter to add colour and interest to the space.



Espaliered Fruit Trees | London
Espaliered Fruit Trees | London