Sangwyn was tasked with undertaking the landscaping renovations to this garden in Castelnau, to complement the interior refurbishment by Pask Brothers.


The three mains focus points were an unhealthy lawn, frost-damaged limestone paving and a visually fragmented rear aspect.


The lawn was excavated and two large soakaway cells, in conjunction with a system of land drains were installed to efficiently drain the area. Subsequently a gravel raft and new soil base were laid to support a brand new lawn.


The limestone was stripped-out to make way
for an elegant surface of flamed basalt paving throughout the garden.


The rear terrace was extended to create a functional space, reuniting the previously split aspects of the property.


Additional planting embellished the existing stock, and added colour to the garden, which is now an ever-evolving project under Sangwyn's management wing.


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